Math Camp for Incoming PhD Students

Logic, Real Analysis, and Optimization

-- The first day of Math Camp will start 30 minutes early (orientation, introductions, go over syllabus)
-- No class on Labor Day (Monday September 7)


Problem Set Groups

Getting Started with LaTeX

Week 1

Logic (class notes)
Logic (for reference)

Set Theory (class notes)
Set Theory (for reference)

Relations (class notes)
Relations (for reference)

Additional reference for Relations onward

Problem Set A1 (due 9/2)
Problem Set A1 Solution Sketches

Week 2

Analysis (class notes)
Analysis (for reference)

Utility Functions Speed Dating + Answers

Unconstrained Optimization (class notes)

Problem Set A2 (due 9/9)
Problem Set A2 Solution Sketches

Week 3

Optimization (reference)
Constrained Optimization (class 9/8)
Constrained Optimization (class)
Kuhn-Tucker notes from class

Problem Set A3 (due 9/16)
Problem Set A3 Solution Sketches